Your Successful Guide To Small Group Training

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Small group training is all the rage in the fitness industry. Not only can you make more money in a shorter amount of time, but you can reach more clients at once too.

Small Group Training At Cressey Sports Performance

During my three years at Cressey Sports Performance,  I coached over 350 small group training sessions and learned a lot about programming for different types of people. Not to mention, a ton about building, maintaining, and growing a successful small group training system. In my latest article on the Personal Trainer Development Center, you’ll learn

  • The two simplest steps that savvy trainers do to win over clients.
  • The best programming strategies for running small groups no matter the size.
  • The GOLD STANDARDS for amazing programming.
  • How to train different skill levels within the same group.
  • What outstanding, successful coaches do to stand out and get clients coming back.

Competition is fierce. It is no longer enough to just get people in the door. They won’t magically become your clients. Your job is to win them over and inspire their trust in you. If you want to become successful at running a small group training system, then this a must-read for you. 

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