Workout of the Week: 12 Days of Christmas

This is one of my favorite workouts! I discovered it while I was checking out my Lift Weights Faster 2 Program and had a blast doing it. We swapped out a few of the exercises but this workout was originally designed by Julia Ladewski  for Jen Sinkler’s program Lift Weights Faster 2 ! If you haven’t checked it out you should!

Here is how it works. You will complete this workout the same way that you would sing the song the 12 days of Christmas! The first round is one rep of the first exercise. The second round is one rep of the first exercise and two of the second, the third is one rep of the first, two of the second and three of the third and so on until you reach 12. Here are your exercises 1: 20 sec of jumping jacks, 2: inch worms, 3: dumbbell strict press, 4: push ups, 5: burpees, 6: plank to push up, 7: front squats, 8: renegade rows on each side, 9: bicep curls, 10: reverse lunges on each side, 11: Alternating presses on each side, 12: in and out squats! Let me know what you think!

And seriously, if you haven’t checked out Lift Weights Faster 2 you should! It is amazing!

Have fun!!


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