Wonder Women and Heavy Lifting!

What do wonderwoman and heavy lifting have in common? Wonderwoman

Probably nothing, but it sounded like a pretty kick ass title!

It’s been a long time since I have written anything and the last few months were crazy for me as a coach.  One topic that I wanted to write about is women and weights. There has been a lot of hype throughout the fitness industry and media, and wonder women are popping up all over the place.


Women are learning that lifting not only gets them on the road to a sexier and stronger physique, but also carries over into every day disciplines of life.   When I first asked my Fiancé Shawna why she got into the weight room, it wasn’t because she wanted to deadlift twice her body weight,  or perform pull-ups on her own , it was because she wanted to look good and feel great while gaining confidence in other areas of life.

As a coach, I have a lot of female clientele.  And while I eventually help these women set personal records and get them excited about lifting, they still have fears regarding heavy weight training.  In hopes to debunk the myths associated with lifting heavy as a woman, I will discuss how you can face those fears and start getting the body you deserve!

The Myth Behind The Madness

So you want to start lifting weights but you are afraid of getting bulky? Well ladies, you are not alone , as many women think that picking up a weight heaver than five pounds will get them looking like the next Mrs. Olympia.

Ms. Olympia


And while there is  nothing wrong with women who want to compete and be the next Ms. Olympia, I’m willing to bet the majority of you reading this are looking to get lean and sexy without the former physique, and probably are looking for more of the photo below.



That is why so many magazine programs are popular, as women are constantly looking for ways to get lean. The problem with the majority of these popular programs is that they know what you want; they just don’t give you what you ACTUALLY NEED! 

Im sorry ladies, the methods behind their madness just will not cut it! Lets go ahead and get rid of these fears right now! What I am about to show you is my Fiancé crushing 135 on the conventional deadlift, and as you can see she is not bulky, and is very lean and sexy if I do say so myself.

Need some more evidence? Check out Neghar Fonooni Crushing 210 

So how do you lift heavy and get the body you want? 

By using what your momma gave you, training consistent, and watching what you put in your mouth.  There is no better way to maintain a health system than by eating the right proteins, fats, and vegetables.  These are the integral keys to becoming a sexier you.

When you start training consistent, you are going to see some physical changes and develop a muscular tone that you may have not seen before.   This is genetics taking its course, and there is nothing you can do, as your body will develop the only way it can.

Why does this happen?  

That’s a great question, and the answer lies within a  cool little hormone called testosterone, the king of all hormones that helps produce the development of muscle. And even though this hormone is most commonly assscoaited with men, women actually produce on average around 1/15 the amount of men.

But before you go ahead and get worried,  let me explain why testosterone is good for you.

When your body produces testosterone along with other hormones, you will begin to increase the amount of lean mass you carry lifting weights.  Another cool little thing about the production of testosterone is that it helps make your body more efficient at fat burning rather than fat storage. Therefore, the likelihood of you bulking up by lifting heavy is extremely low! Trust me, if it were that easy to get huge, men would not have to spend all those hours in the gym trying to get big.

Why you need to start  using heavier weights! Shawna Crushing 135

We just cleared up that lifting heavy doesn’t lead to being bulky, and now I want to tell you why challenging your system is important for fat loss.

When you start to lift heavy, you begin to develop muscle mass,  and increase your metabolism, which  are key components to fat loss. The more muscle you start to add, the more calories you burn at rest.  The only way this can happen is by challenging your body by lifting heavier weights.  The bigger you can lift, the more lean mass you will gain, and the more calories you will burn. Did somebody say  fat burning machine? Because this is what you will become once you experience the power of heavier weights.

Want to know something else?  Muscle is more dense than fat, and when you start to gain muscle yout body will look tighter and smaller. Sounds like a good exchange to me!

But, fat loss shouldn’t be the only reason to start hitting the iron.  When I was in the Marine Corps, fitness was a way of life.  Fitness taught me the discipline that carried over into many other aspects of life.

When you can crush weights at the gym , you can crush any obstacle of life that comes your way! Do you want to play with your kids without having back pain? How about go on a hike? What about moving furniture? Lifting weights can help make these things a lot easier and even fun.

STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY! Being strong makes you more efficient in every way of life, and lifting is the way to get there.

How do we get there?

First thing, get yourself a qualified personal trainer of strength coach to help you with an effective program that is right for you.  Don’t have the money for a trainer? No problem, I’m going to try and cover the basics.

You might be asking, what qualifies as heavy? That is all relative, and if you can perform an exercise with 12 good repetitions, than it is probably time to increase the weight.

On to the basics….

Mobility :  Foam Rolling, and drills to get your joints moving freely will get you in the right direction 

Push : Pushup and, Overhead Presses

Pull : Pullups and Rows

Hips :  Kettle Bell Deadlifts, Kettle Bell Swings, Deadlifting Variations, Bridges

Quads : Squat Variations, Step-Ups, Lunge Variations

Core :  Plank Variations, Ball Rollouts, Chop and Lift Variations, Farmers Walk

To get you going in the right direction, I have included a sample workout with just a few exercises that you can complete in just under 20 minutes.  You can do this with bodyweight, dumbbells, kettle bells, or even barbells if you’d like. Perform this 3 times a week and do the circuit 4-5 times, rest one minute between each circuit and repeat.


 Goblet Squat x8

Row or Pull-up x 8

Deadlift x 8

Pushup x8 ( Perform elevated if you can not do a full pushup yet)

Planks, (Front, Left , Right 10 sec  planks )

If you are looking for a pretty cool resource and don’t have the money for a personal trainer, check out this awesome guide to girls getting strong!



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