Why You Need To Stop Skipping Your Warmup

Like many of you, I have been guilty of skipping a warmup from time to time. Don’t bother lying to me – I know you’ve done it. And I get it. You’re crunched for time and the last thing you want to do is roll around and warm-up.

But, what if I could explain the warm-up for you in terms you might appreciate a bit more…


Do I have your attention now? Great, then keep reading to learn why you need to stop skipping your warmup.

I got this idea from my mentor and friend John Romaniello a few years back, and it has to be the best explanation of warm-ups I have ever heard and something I find myself using quite often.

If the workouts are like sex, then the warmup is foreplay. 

Sure, you can skip foreplay and have great sex, but if you skip foreplay all the time, chances are things will get stale and your sex life will suffer.

The same thing can be said about your body. Continuing to ignore the warm-up will cause your body to break down, hinder your results, and you’ll become more prone to injuries.

Maybe warming up does not sound that bad after all. In fact, I wrote a killer post on the why the warmup is important with some awesome videos that will give you exercises that will get you ready for your workout and keep your body healthy.

Click here to read the only warmup you’ll ever need and find out why you must not skip your warmup. 


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