Why push-ups are great!


push-upsIn the Marine Corps, there was nothing better than a solid push-up . While we did not test push-ups specifically as a unit, we did do them almost every day. From regular pushups to clapping pushups, the Marines never failed to come up with a version .

When done correctly the push-up is a great full body exercise that produces both upper body strength and endurance.

Upper Body Strength :  To me, this is the king of all upper body exercises other than a pull-up.  Talk about getting your body to move as one unit. Execute a proper push-up for sets of 15 and you will know the feeling I am talking about.


Regular push-up too easy, try this

Core : Did someone say six pack?  Crank out push-ups and not only will your chest start to get chiseled and your arms start to show, but your abs will start to thank you. Not only does the push-up help build strength, it also helps your body burn tons of fat !

Have trouble with Push-ups and want to learn more? Check out this great article I wrote for

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