Why I Hate the Scale and What I do about it!

It’s no secret that I hate the scale. Whenever my clients ask how many times they should weigh themselves I cringe. Why you ask? Well here is the problem. People obsess over the scale, it is a morning ritual for some people: get up, get dressed (or undressed because when it comes to weighing every pound counts), get on the scale, determine how much self-loating to bring into the day (or the shower), pinch my fat, feel frustrated, go to work. It just is not worth it. The day to day fluctuation of pounds just becomes discouraging! Here’s the other thing, the weight that the scale reads can depend on the time of day, what you ate yesterday, your sodium intake, how much water you drank, and much more. Who needs it?!

Now let me tell you what I do instead, actually let me show you! I put on my favorite teal pants, for those of you who know me you must know that I love them because I hate pants, probably as much as a hate the scale, and I see how I feel in them!


WOO HOO! Check out those pants!

This picture was taken last Sunday, post Greek Easter and prior to a delicious backroom mudslide! I am currently about 127 pounds, a number prior to wearing these pants I was super uncomfortable with as I typically feel my best around 120 pounds! But let me tell you my pants have never looked so good!  I am leaner, stronger, happier, and more muscular than I have ever been! I actually have great glute action going on in these pants!

When I last wore these pants, at about 120 pounds, I had some spillage (yes, that is what we will call it) over the top and not enough butt to fill it out! But now, at a heavier weight, I am missing the spillage and have a butt to fill out my pants! I mean how exciting is that!

Here’s the thing, if I never put these pants on and solely went by the number on the scale, I would have let it ruin my day. I would have thrown a tantrum in the shower, something along the lines of “you’ve been working so hard, why is your weight going up, stupid body, I hate you!” I wouldn’t have enjoyed that extra piece of Pita at Greek Easter and certainly would not have consumed a full mudslide at the backroom!  But because I put my favorite teal pants on and was able to see my incredible progress I stepped out of my house feeling incredible!

What I am trying to say is: If you want to weigh yourself that is fine, there is nothing wrong with knowing where you are at, but don’t let that be the be all end all. Find a pair of pants, shorts, a dress, really anything that you can use to measure your progress and let that be the deciding factor! I promise you will love the results and you will appreciate your body! Because as I always say you should work out because you love your body, not because you hate it! Let’s ditch the self-loathing and learn to love our bodies and ourselves!


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  • Julie says:

    Shawna – I love your post! My scale currently lives in the basement and acts as a dust collector! I try to tell my clients the same thing 🙂 Also, the food at Greek Easter sounds a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!

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