How To Hack Your Warmup

The fast-paced world makes everyone pressed for time and one of the most important things people will neglect is the warmup.  And I get it, warmups are boring and they can take forever.

But did you know a good warmup will not only allow you to move better during your workout, it can also help with nagging pains and set your body up for success further down the road?

What does a good warmup do? 

1) Increases The Heart Rate – We just had a nasty winter in New England, and I can remember the days I had to get up earlier to warm up the car. If I did not, the car would not run the same.  The same thing can be said when it relates to movement. If you do not take time to prepare yourself prior to a workout, your body will pay for it later down the road. Don’t just hop on the treadmill and call it a day, take time to prepare yourself for the movements to follow.

2) Allows the joints to move freely – Many people are stiff, and while going straight to the gym after a long work day is great, the demands of sitting all day cause the muscles around the hip to get tight and weak. If you jump right into your workout without warming up, the joints will not be able to move through full ranges of motion.

3) Wake Up The Nervous System –   When crunched for time, your workout should be dynamic.  If all you do is some light stretches and call it a day, your body will not be able to catch up to the demand from heavier movements to follow.  Warming up will help excite the nervous system and ensure your body is ready for more complex movements.

Now that you know why you should warm up check out my video I did on how these moves can help you warm up in just 5 minutes.

5 Minute Warmup 

The first three drills will help open up the hips and upper back.

Glute Bridge With Reach 8/side

Bretzel 2.0

Spiderman Lunge With Reach – 5/side

The next three drills will help promote shoulder, core, and hip stability.

Squat To Stand

Inchworms x 5

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