ViPR Deadbug With Lateral Shift

As a coach at Cressey Sports Performance and a personal trainer at Equinox , I can not tell you how much I love dead bugs.  I use them in my warmup and during my strength training programs. Sometimes they get boring,   sometimes they  are too easy, and sometimes they are tough.

While I’m not here to explain the dead bug in detail, as you can read that on Tony Gentilcore’s Website Here<<<<<< 

I am here to help shed light on a exercise that  teaches the body to mimic the movements required during rotational sports.

Why is that important you may ask? If you play any rotational sport like  tennis, golf, baseball, and hockey then you  understand the importance of the separation that takes place between the torso and hips. Therefore, training in a way that teaches the body to rotate in opposite directions makes sense.

The ViPR Deadbug with Lateral Shift is a great way to get the body ready for Spring sports.

** Note : You can do this with a small resistance band if you do not have access to a ViPR 

Key Coaching Points  

1) Grab either a VipR or small resistance band from the side and set up in a regular dead bug position

2) Ensure low back is flushed to ground to encourage a posterior pelvic tilt

3) Take a deep breath in through the nose and as you begin to exhale more the bad or ViPR in the opposite direction as the leg that moves forward. This causes your body to fight against rotation but also stabilize there anterior core.

4) It is best to approach this exercise slow and controlled as a lot of people will want to rush through the exercise which takes way from owning the movement.

I will typically of 2-3 sets of 5 REPS per SIDE of maximal effect.

Give the lateral shift a try and I’m sure your typical dead bug routine will become a lot more interesting.

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