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Train like a marine Since I have left the Marine Corps, I had a lot of people ask me what it was like to train in the Marines. And while I may not be able to sum that answer in one post, I can share with you the insides of the Combat Fitness Test, and what some of the training is like.

Allright, for the purpose of this article I am going to cover the semi-annual testing the Marine Corps requires for every Marine.

The first test, is a physical fitness test. It is a test that all Marines must pass regardless of age, rank, or gender. It includes, pull-ups or flexed arm hang for females, crunches in a 2 minute time limit, and a times 3 mile run.

To train for Pullups/Flexed Arm Hang: The Marine Corps recommends training at least 5 days per week with a 2 day rest period. The true and tried way to get better at something you are not good at is to train.

Try completing 3-5 maximium set of strict pull-ups a few times a week and you should start to see results.

Crunches : Again, it is recommended to train like you are being tested, therefore you should train for maximum effort sets at strict form.  Work your way up to 100, by breaking it into sets of 20, 25, and then 50. Try a few sets of each, and rest no more than 25-20 seconds in between each set.

3 Mile Run : The key to a good run time is consistency. Males  recruits must run 3 miles in less than 28 minutes and females must run it under 31.  If you want to get better at running, run at least 3 times a week for a variety of distances.

Ok, now that we discussed the boring stuff, lets move on to toe good stuff…

How to really get fit like a Marine

The Marine training regimen is a combat-conditioning program designed to keep “America’s Best” ready for combat and instill consistency across the board. The training prepares every Marine, regardless of age or rank, to pass a required combat fitness test (CFT) that emphasizes functional fitness and the tough physical demands of the Marine Corps.

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