Why You Need To Stop Skipping Your Warmup

Like many of you, I have been guilty of skipping a warmup from time to time. Don’t bother lying to me – I know you’ve done it.

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The One Squat Drill You Need To Do

I’ve said this previously in a few of my posts, but there are a few drills I think everyone should do every day and squatting is one of them.  

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4 Move Mobility Circuit You Need To Do If You Sit All Day

If you are like most people today, you probably spend the majority of your day sitting than standing.

The prolonged position of sitting down all day is restricting the range of motion in the hips and exposes the body to a host of problems from hip pain, low back pain, and a loss of strength and mobility.

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The Lunge Variation You Should Do Every Morning

It’s Monday again, which means it is time to take on the world and be a superhero.

For many of us, that means taking on extra stresses of life and letting go of yourself to take care of others.

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Do This Hip Stretch Daily To Help With Low Back Pain

Most of us sit down all day. From long car rides, to traveling on a plane to sitting down at a desk.

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Mobility Monday: Exercises To Help You Move and Feel Better, The Prone Sphinx

The mobility exercise of the week is a great one that has a killer name.  The Prone Sphinx.

The Prone Sphinx has a lot of great benefits and can really help open up the upper back and help with shoulder and core stability.

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Mobility Monday : Exercises to Help You Move and Feel Better, Shin Box

It’s Monday again, and that means it is time for another installment of exercises that will help you move and feel better. 

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Mobility Monday : Exercises To Help You Move And Feel Better, Yoga Plex

It’s Monday, Wooohooo!

Yes, you read that correctly it is Monday and it is time to go back to work, and for lots of people that means being hunched over at a desk forcing bad postures.

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Can You Touch Your Toes?

Touching your toes has been something we all had to do as kids in school during that fitness test, I think it was called the Presidential Fitness Test.

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10 Exercises to Include in your warm-up

One of the most important parts of a good program is the warm-up, and more often than not many people will either hop on a treadmill for 5 minutes and or skip the warm-up all together.

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