Stop the Excuses and Find a Way!

You always hear people talk about wanting to lose weight, get healthier, and feel better about themselves but whenever you ask them how they are going to do it they cannot seem to come up with anything but excuses. It always makes me ask myself “well if this person wanted it that much wouldn’t they find a way to make it happen rather than creating an excuse?” The answer to that, well yes they would.

I’ll admit, I have been that person before. That moment when you look in the mirror and begin to think maybe I have gained a bit of weight or let myself go or oh where did that come from, that was not there before. You start to think for a few seconds well I could go to the gym but that would take extra time and I don’t really have that. Then you throw your shirt back on and carry on with your day. You talk with your friends and it seems like everyone is complaining about weight they put on or how they are not happy with themselves and it becomes a body bash fest. But at the end of it all nobody is willing to change their lifestyle or routine to see any kind of changes. Why is that?


I suppose it could be for many reasons. Maybe they are not ready to make the lifestyle change, maybe even though they are unhappy with the way they look they are not willing to change the way they eat or add exercise into their life. Maybe they are uncomfortable at the gym, they don’t know how to use the equipment and are too nervous to ask, or maybe they do not have access to a gym and do not know where to start.  They could be overwhelmed by the amount of change they believe that it requires and that may stop them starting in the first place. Maybe they are nervous about the cost of healthy food and the time they believe it takes to make healthy food. Is it possible that they may not believe that a transformation is even possible? Maybe they have been set in their ways for so long that they could not imagine anything different.

No matter what the reason there is a solution! It is truly a simple solution: start today, start now, and start small. In order to make a lifestyle change you do not have to spend hours each day at the gym or throw out your entire kitchen. You can make small changes each day that are extremely impactful. You can spend 30 minutes 3-5 days a week at the gym or engaging in some kind of physical activity. You can slowly add more vegetables to your meals. You could replace your morning cereal with eggs. These changes prevent the process from seeming overwhelming. As these small changes get easier other changes can be made such as the elimination of fast food or processed foods, exercising 5 days a week consistently, and the reduction of soda. Make the changes work for you and work for your lifestyle. If these changes are not changes you are willing to make yet, you will not stick with them and could be left feeling discouraged and unsuccessful. It is great to say I am going to give up all soda but if that is not something you are truly willing to do then you will be left discouraged each time you drink it and your goals will seem less and less possible.

My famous excuse was I never have time for the gym. Then someone said to me a one hour workout is only 4% of your day and I thought wow, there really isn’t an excuse. So what did I do. I started getting up earlier. Typically you will find me at the gym between 6 and 8 am depending on my work schedule. Getting up earlier was a huge change for me but after a week or so it was part of my routine.

Challenge yourself and challenge others! Don’t let excuses get in the way of your goals and the goals of those around you! Find someone who has made these changes and ask them for help, join a group of men or women who are also looking to achieve these goals and look to them for support. I have seen such progress from the women in my online group and it is because they have the support of each other. Support your friends and family and don’t let their excuses fly, show them that it is possible. Lastly, do something everyday that your future self will thank you for because after all we are all trying to be the best healthiest versions of ourselves.







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