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If purchasing a suit at a mid-level department store or chain retailer, you will be offered lower quality garments often sold by less informed sales people . In contrast, the finer suits in better department stores often cost two or three times the price of a mid-range custom garment. When you go to a seasoned custom clothier, they will offer expert guidance, knowledge, and a selection of high quality fabrics and details. Your custom suit will fit better and provide the wearer with a unique garment unavailable in most stores.

It depends entirely on your business needs or fashion desires. The business gent that wears a suit several days within a month should have no fewer than three. We recommend six suits for a professional man who must have his suits steam-pressed once a month or so. The more suits, the less wear & tear on them. It’s also more interesting to have options. Our “addicted” clients love to wear/own many suits and enjoy purchasing 2 or 3 each year.

1-2 times per year.  Dry cleaning chemicals are harsh and deteriorate your fine cloth over time.  You’ll start to notice an unattractive “shine” to your suits, a clear indication that a garment has been dry cleaned too often.

Instead of frequent dry cleaning, you should ask for a “steam press” and spot clean when needed.  The high temperature from the steam kills most bacteria & odor.  The press will leave your suit looking fresh and clean.  We recommend a steam press every 3 wears of a suit.

Your 100% cotton custom shirt is designed with an allowance for shrinkage.  In 3-5 washings, your shirt will fit in the way it was intended.  

For best results, take light-colored shirts to the cleaners and ask for them to be professionally laundered.  Dark colored shirts should be dry-cleaned to preserve the color.  If you prefer to care for your shirts at home, they can be washed in warm water, tumble dried, and pressed with a warm iron.

Multiple wears before cleaning will subject the fabric to stain and will deteriorate the cloth from our oily or acidic skin contact.

A suit in admiral blue, navy or oxford grey, paired with a light blue or white shirt and an understated solid or foulard tie will have you at the top of the list.

Whatever your bride tells you…if you want our opinion, a great looking suit in blue or grey (depending on your coloring) or a tuxedo if it’s a black-tie wedding of course. The suit will have a fuller life with you after the big event. Regardless, you should remember that your pictures will last a lifetime and you’ll regret a bad clothing decision.