Technique Tuesday : Reverse Crunch

Abs-And-Neck-e1401089235611It’s sunny out, and that means everyone has been flocking to the gym to try to mold those beach bodies.  We’ve had a few clients ask us for a killer ab exercise and while we are not one to simple work the ABS, we do like the reverse crunch.

Check out our last post on why crunches may not be the best for your body 

Why don’t we like sit-ups or traditional crunches ? Well, they basically force you into a horrible posture , shorten up your hip flexors and can  cause low back pain.

But, don’t worry ,we have you covered with this great core exercise.

Reverse Crunch

Notice how Shawna keeps her knees tucked to her chest throughout the exercise  and  controls the entire movement.  A lot of people will want to use momentum to get their knees to their elbows and that is not what we are after during this movement.

Where did we get it from : George learned this as an intern at Cressey Sports Performance and has been performing it with clients ever since.

What does it do:  It is an anterior core strengthening exercise that targets the abdominal muscles.

Tips : If you want to make the exercise harder, hold a lighter counterbalance. As you get stronger, you should be able to have a load of minimal counterbalance. Try 3 sets of 8-10 reps to get you core firing. 

Give this a try and let us know what you think! 

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