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Die Empty

Productivity     At least 3 times a week  I drive a minimum of 2 hours to and from work. That is 6 hours a week and 24 hours a month. Instead of listening to the radio like most people, I decided to  purchase  an account at to inspire productivity.  This past week, I finished  Die Empty: a great book about  productivity.   When you get your hands on this book and start to read the first few chapters, your  mind will begin to think about challenging and exciting new ways to inspire productivity.

  As technology continues to develop, most of us have become sucked into the tech word at large.  We wake up every day, and maybe you check your email, surf the internet, or contemplate what you have on your schedule for the day.  By doing so, our minds quickly find ways to make excuses about putting off that next big thing we have always wanted to do.  If you are like most people, you have probably been stuck in a rut where you have bounced around mindlessly from task to task , or even put off tasks to the last minute.

  In Die Empty, not only will you learn  how to make the most out of your day without ever wondering if you had put forth your best foot , you will also learn how to lay down at night without having a spinning mind knowing that you did all you could do that day to the best of your ability.

   When is the last time you asked yourself  did my work really matter? , Better yet, How Do you    inspire productivity in your life?

  Throughout the book, Todd Henry talks about how we only have one life to live and that sooner or later all of our tomorrows will run out.  What you do today, will significantly impact your life of tomorrow and so on.  Each day that we postpone tasks,  we influence negativity in the world around us without even knowing it.

If you feel frustrated about the work in your life and are ready to give everything you got to go after your dreams, then this book is a must!  This isn’t a book for those looking for a short cut in life, nor is it a book that will teach you the ins and  outs of hard work.  You must be open minded in embracing the idea that you don’t have to slave over a project or life, but rather embrace the idea that time is limited, and only you can truly make a difference by making a unique contribution to the world.

Having a powerful mind will allow you to sustain energy through tough times, and help you be the productive person you were meant to be!

If you want to learn more on being productive  check out Die Empty     <————————- Here !

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