OODA Loop : React quickly during stress

Mindset Development

Mindset Development

Today’s athletic world is filled with information from A-Z.  There is tons of useful information that teaches athletes how to get long, strong, and train hard.  And while all this information may get you noticed and help you develop the fundamental skills to make progress, not much information is provided on mindset development.

Want to know how you can react quickly during stress?

You can utilize a military tactic developed during the 1960’s for aeiral combat, called the OODA Loop.  Since it’s inception, OODA Loop has been used worldwide in many different fields and has helped many overcome stressful times.

OODA Loop : Observe, Orient, Decide, and ACT is a 4 step decision making process that helps individuals and groups make the most effective decision under stressful scenarios.  The cool thing about the OODA Loop is that you don’t have to be in the military to use the tactic.

No matter who you are or where you stand in life, OODA Loop can help you overcome challenging circumstances and come out on top.

Want to learn more about the OODA Loop? Check out my article for STACK.COM <<HERE! 

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