The One Mobility Drill You Need To Do Everyday

Mobility is a tricky thing. And with the fast-paced world of today’s society, it appears that mobility is only getting worse on a daily basis.

But you are smarter than that and know that you need a daily dose of mobility to optimize your health and performance.  What if there was a drill that could hit everything at once without spending countless minutes that you don’t have on a warmup?

Introducing the one mobility drill you need to do every day – The goblet squat with curl.

I love this drill because it helps open up the hips and thoracic spine while activating the core. It really is a bad ass drill to do every day.

The key to this drill is to go slow and own the entire movement. That means you should not rush the drill, focus on your breathing, and work opening up those hips and upper back. At first, it will not seem like you will be doing a lot, but once you get to the third and fourth rep you’ll soon begin to feel your hips opening and getting lower into your squat.


Try this for about 2 minutes every day and before your next workout and let me know what you think.  



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