Creating New Habits

The Marriage last 10 days have been crazy!  We started out early for our trip only to find out it was delayed due to ice, which then caused our connecting flight to practically be missed.  Since there was only one connecting flight that went to the Dominican Republic each day, this was not a great start to a vacation.

Shawna was pleasant with everyone she approached and played the bride card pretty  well. Our first flight ended up departing over an hour later than expected which put the connecting flight right at the departure time when we landed.

With a Wedding Dress in hand and a few bags we took off sprinting for the gate. We were on track for a 6 minute mile, and were cruising.  We got to the gate and it was too late, the doors were closed for departure. Utilizing the hey I’m the bride line, they barley let us on and we made our flight to the DR. As we entered the plane everyone clapped and it was a standing ovation.

So what does this have to do with habits and where am I getting at?The Power of Habit

Sometimes life can get hectic and your mind may go on autopilot without even knowing why its doing the things it is doing. Your subconscious  performs everyday tasks that were once seemingly impossible before. Some of these tasks may seem irrelevant and others not so much. Whatever it is that you may be doing each day, you are creating habits without even knowing so.

Charles Duhigg, wrote an interesting book on how we create habits and why we do the things we do in every day life called : “The Power of Habit : Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” . In the book, Charles presents findings that show why habits are formed and how we as people have the freedom to change whatever it is we need to change to create new and effective habits.  If you understand how habits work, you can change groups, individuals and much more.

One concept that is harped upon constantly throughout the book is the habit loop.  In a nutshell, the habit loop is a concept that teaches you to understand  how environmental cues lead to behavioral routines which then lead to rewards.  The habit loop explains why people become accustomed to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, exercise, and other addicting behaviors.

The Habit Loop One way to create new habits is through repetition.  Sometimes we acquire bad habits thorough repetitive motions and other times we create good habits.  The idea behind the loop is that if we acquire a bad habit, it can be very hard to change because it is grooved deep in our minds. However, if you acquire a bad habit, its not the end of the world.  You can overcome that had habit by learning new routines practicing them over and over until a good habit appears.

How can you establish a  new routine to reap the benefits? 

Let’s say you wanted to start a new exercise routine and couldn’t figure out how to start and make it a part of your everyday routine. Choosing something small like packing your gym bag everyday and storing it in your passenger seat or leaving your shoes next to your bed to remind you to work out will help establish a signal in the brain that will motivate you for your reward ( lose weight m get stronger ect), Once your brain starts craving the endorphins from working out, you will automatically begin to pack your gym bag each day, which will prime you for a workout.

Overall, ” The Power of Habit” is a great book if you want to understand how change bad habits and bring new and enjoyable ones to your life.




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