Monday Motivation: What is Your Motivation?

Happy Monday to all of you!

Today’s Monday motivation comes from a very special place in my heart. I have to warn you it’s about to get a little vulnerable in here. Up until recently I’ve had a really hard time staying consistent with my workouts and making it to the gym. I would do really well for two weeks then miss a day and fall off the wagon entirely until a new month began and my “new month, new you” mentality began. How effective is this “new month, new you” if it only lasts for two weeks and every month is a “new month, new you?” Not effective at all, trust me, I know. I would start to get really discouraged as I wouldn’t see the results that I had expected in my mind. However, how could I expect to see the results I was imagining when I wasn’t putting in the work?

I guess you can say that one day the light went on. When did this light go on you ask? Well it was the first day of my reoccurring “new month, new you” workout. However, this time it felt different. I had just finished my workout, dripping in sweat, enjoying the post workout endorphins, when it clicked. I began to think to myself, I truly enjoy this so much so why do I throw in the towel after missing a day? What is this going to accomplish? How many times can I play the “new month, new you” game? Then the big questions came: Why are you doing this? Shawna, what drives you, in this very moment, to be here? It was actually quite a powerful moment.

In that moment I realized exactly what my driving force was. It seemed so simple I cannot believe it took so long to come to me.  My driving force, my motivation, comes from me! Again, something so simple, so easy, but so hard for me to realize. My motivation to workout was not to be skinniest, leanest girl in the gym, but rather to be the best of myself for myself, it was to be the healthiest, strongest, fittest version of Shawna that I could be. Why would I ever want to give that up? Why wouldn’t I want to be the healthiest version on myself?

As my train of thought continued I began to become more inspired. My motivation comes from more than just me. One day I would like to have children. I believe that it is so important that my future children have a positive, healthy role model and mother who can keep up with them when they play sports, a game of tag, or want to go for a hike. I do not want to be sitting on the sidelines. I want to be able to teach and show them through my own example that being healthy, eating healthy, and being fit is the best way to be. I want to be a mother who can experience her children’s lives from the front lines as much as possible.

In addition to being a mother someday, I am also a daughter, sister, wife, friend, cousin, and much more. There are so many important people in my life. So many people I want to be healthier for, not only as a role model but also so that I can share in special moments with them. I want to enjoy a long, full life with my husband, share lots of dinners with my family, and have many fun nights with my friends. In order to do this I need to be healthy, fit, and strong. I need to believe in myself and remember what drives and motivates me. If I can remember what drives and motivates me I know I will no longer be a member of the “new month, new you” challenge. I will be motivated each and everyday by becoming the healthiest, fittest, confident version of myself not only for myself but for my husband, family, friends, and future children.

I challenge each of you to look inside yourselves and determine what drives you. Are you a mother or father who wants to keep up with their children as they grow? Are you someone who is looking to become healthy to have a child? Are you someone who is looking to overcome a disease that can be impacted or improved by a lifestyle change? Are you looking to increase your confidence and love yourself and the skin you are in? Is it something else? It may not be the same as the things that drive me, it’s unique to each of us, which is why it is so special and empowering. But it’s important to have something that drives and motivates you, it will get you through the tough moments and inspire you when you need it most. I would love to hear what inspires you!

I hope you have a fantastic Monday and an amazing week! Find what motivates you and use it to drive your success. Thank you for letting me share my experiences and be a little vulnerable with you today!



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