Monday Motivation : The Power of Now

Boxer Sleeping

Boxer Sleeping

Isn’t she the cutest thing???

Too many times do we caught up with work, outside distractions and many other things that make us think about everything except the present.

The last few weeks of my life has been crazy. From the death of a really good friend from the Marine Corps, to working 50 plus hour work weeks, life truly does get crazy at times.

Despite tough times,  my wife and I have made it a habit to really step back and appreciate what we have in our lives currently, and how we can try to stay positive and live in the moment.

And while we still have not figured out how to do that just yet, we can always count on Lola for a good laugh and inspiration for life’s smallest things.If you are wondering what my boxer Lola has to do with motivation, I wrote a great post on lessons you can learn from a dog which you can check out here. 

Recently, I dug up an old book that was handed to me as a present when I left the Marines. I was facing some tough times in 2011, as leaving the Marines was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do after being told what to do, where to be, and what to wear for nearly a decade. At a young age of 27, I had to figure it out all on my own, and the world was a scary place.

You can read more about my journey after the Marine Corps Here <<<<<<<<<<

Anyhow, the book that was handed to me was ” The Power of Now” by Exckart Tolle.  When I left the Marine Corps, I was so caught up in the what was next , I forgot how to live in the current moment and appreciate many of life finer things. Exhart presents a concept that many of us forget to live by, and teaches you how to  be present and live in the moment.

The Power of Now I am a victim of my own thoughts everyday, as I always find myself thinking about what comes next and complaining about little things in life. In reality, I am sabotaging my own thoughts and limiting myself to my full potential by messing with my head.

According to Echart, this is what is called being ” stuck inside your head” ,and  we are almost all guilty of thinking sporadic thoughts throughout the day. More often we fall into a bottomless pit of unconscious change, and we either think about the past or the future, and really forget to appreciate the present.

The problem with thinking about the past or the future is that we don’t get  a chance to let the present settle in and we begin to consume our current thoughts with negative emotions such as fear  or frustration.

Being Present The idea here is that many people spend their entire lives looking for the next big step, or try to please certain people in their lives to hopefully find happiness.  But, most of the time when we try to find that next big step what we are really doing is trying some way to fill an emptiness inside.  Material things will fill a temporary need or desire and come and go, but being true to yourself will live on forever.

So I ask you, do you want to keep living in a life full of lies, or do you want to live in the moment and inspire change? if so, then I highly recommend his book, which you can pick up on Amazon . 

This book has helped me transition out of the Marine Corps, and I hope it can help you.


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