Monday Motivation: The Nature of Hard Work


As some of you know, I recently visited California for quite possibly one of the most amazing weekends of my life. I was surrounded by women who are focused on being the best versions of themselves in all aspects of life. It is amazing to see so many women come together to celebrate fitness, health, and truly being the best they can be. These are women who truly want to change the world and how women feel about themselves, and I felt so blessed to be a part of such a fantastic group. Before this trip I was feeling so empowered that I decided I would need an equally empowering book to read on the plane to California. #GIRLBOSS was my empowering book of choice and I could not wait to start reading it on the plane, I actually couldn’t wait that long and started reading it a few days before the trip. I highly recommend it, you can check it out here!

In this book she talks about an acronym: IWWIWWWIWI. What exactly does that mean you ask? Well in fact this stands for: I want what I want when and where I want it. In this day and age we are spoiled by the ease and speed of technology. We think fast, we type fast, we move fast, and expect everything else has to happen just as fast. This idea immediately resonated with me; in my experience I see this same mindset with a lot of people who are trying to lose weight. They want to have the body on the cover of a magazine or drop 10 sizes overnight. They see what they want themselves to look like and they want it immediately; they want instant results! I am often amazed at the things people will do to themselves to try to achieve this goal. It seems that people will do just about anything but what they actually need to do.

​​Why is that you ask? Well that is because it is hard. Taking time out of our busy schedules, well that is hard. Avoiding the cake on the break table at work, some would also call that hard. But taking diet pills that claim, “you will lose weight and not have to change any part of your routine” well now that is easy.

Let me share something with you: it always amazes me that when you ask people what they are looking for when it comes to weight loss they say time and time again “rapid weight loss that I can easily maintain rather than maintainable progress that might not be as rapid.” I just want to say to them “stop looking for the quick fix, put in the work, and you will see a much more amazing, long term result. Of course, I am not saying that you cannot have short-term goals, because of course that is good, but what happens when you reach this short-term goal, do you say “yes, I achieved it, I am done” or do you keep going for that long term maintainable progress. Slow, maintainable progress is much more sustainable than rapid weight loss.

So what am I getting at here? Put in the hard work; get rid of the IWWIWWWIWI mentality. Stop searching for the quick fix or getting angry with yourself because you are not seeing the results when you are not committed to doing the work and truly achieving your goal. Yes, going to the gym can be hard, pushing your body to do work, that can be hard, I mean it can be really hard. Stop searching for the diet pill or the magic weight loss diet that claims to give you an amazing body without the work. Dig in and do the work. Stop complaining, this does not come overnight.

Spending the weekend with these ladies reinforced this point for me as well. My goals are to deadlift 200 pounds and complete one bodyweight pull up by my 25th birthday. I was starting to feel discouraged because I have not been making much progress with these goals, but after talking to these ladies, some of the strongest women I have ever met, one woman is the only female master kettlebell trainer in the world which requires and amazing amount of physical strength and dedication, you can check her out here, I realized that I am not truly putting in the hard work that it takes to achieve these goals. Am I practicing pull ups 3 times a week? Am I deadlifting each week in a way that encourages my body to grow? The answer is no. I wanted the results but I was not putting in the time and work that it takes to achieve these goals. No more excuses, it’s all about hard work! 

As I mentioned, it will not be easy, and sometimes it will be even more difficult than you imagined, but it is worth what you will get in the end; because you know what is not hard, appreciating your healthy self after you have put in all of that hard work. Appreciating the new healthy version of you, well now that is easy, and probably the best part. So I challenge you throw away the excuses, the diet pills and quick fixes, and the IWWIWWWIWI mentality and do the work, find out what your motivation is (if you struggle with that you should check out my article about that RIGHT HERE), dig in and do the work!

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