Monday Motivation : Are Blind Spots Holding you back?

In the past few weeks I have pushed my mental an physical limits to the max. From 50 hour work weeks with 2 jobs and message therapy school, to running 10 miles and hitting the iron. I was truly burning the candle at both ends.   By pushing myself to the state of exhaustion I lost the ability to contribute valuable time to the world around me.

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In his Book The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry talks about Blind Spots and how people tend to fall into patterns depending on where they are in their life, especially when it comes to communication.

Accidental Creative  I thought working from 4am to 8pm was the right path to success. In reality, I was doing more harm than good, and was clouding my judgment by pushing myself to a state of exhaustion.

Because of my Marine mentality, I wanted to keep grinding. I continued on 4 hours of sleep a night , sometimes less, said yes to every client that walked in front of me, and studied every new piece of information that I could get my hands on . Within a few weeks, I noticed a huge decline in not only my motivation, but my training sessions felt like crap, and those close to me noticed a decline in overall enthusiasm for life.

Noticing something was wrong, I asked Tony Gentilcore on some advice for staying motivated , to where he replied :  REST! 

Where am I going with this? Question MarkThere is only  so much time, energy, and focus to go around.   When you spend all your time cluttered with life’s challenges,  you can forget what your end goal may be. I forgot about the importance of recovery and  focused on short term objectives which forced me into a state of exhaustion.

Just because you have a great idea and are giving everything you got to push that idea forward does not necessary mean it is the right thing for that scenario. Similarly, you can also be correct about a particular solution but may not be able to articulate why it is correct, and that can cause your judgement to be clouded.

There is  a difference between being clear about something and being correct about something.

Here are some ways you can overcome blind spots in life .

If you feel very confident about a solution, but lack the ability to fully grasp the concept, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Ask someone else if they see the world the way you are seeing it? Look to someone who is close to you and will keep you in check.
  • Ask yourself what are you not considering? Are you ignoring other aspects of life because you are so focused in on your idea?
  • What are your assumptions?

If you find yourself lacking clarity, ask these questions :

  • What is the end point here? Why is this true? Are you really seeing this clearly?
  • Where have I seen this before? Success leaves clues, so look for similarities in your idea?
  • What assumptions are blocking your vision? Sometimes assumptions block behaviors that help prevent the cause instead of contribute.

This is something I have struggled with in the past as a young strength coach trying to grind hours on end when it reality it was pushing me the opposite way. Don’t let blind spots hold back your true potential .

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