Monday Motivation :11/10/14

USMC Birthday Today’s Monday Motivation represents a special post in my world. Every year on November 10th, Marines all around the globe celebrate the United States Marine Corps Birthday. 239 years of rough, tough, can do attitudes that have helped forge the way for freedom.

After 10 years of faithful service to our country and Corps, I am proud to claim the title United States Marine.   Everyday in my life, I am thankful for the things I learned in the Marines and those that have helped me become the man I am today.

Whether or not you served, I truly believe that everyone can benefit from stemming from a core set of values and beliefs that will help them get past obstacles in everyday life.

It so happen to be that the Marine Corps Motto is  ” Semper Fidelis ” or ” always faithful”.  The Marine Corps motto was originated in 1883, that teaches Marines to rely on a brotherhood that can always be counted on.  Becoming a Marine is something that is not taken lightly, and once earned, the Marine Corps lives on forever within.

What is your Monday Motivation ? Do you have values that you stand for? In the Marine Corps, we live up to a set of three core values that help define how every Marine acts.

Honor : A code that comes from within, honor guides you in the right direction at some of the toughest times.  At Cressey Sports Performance, we pride ourselves in being some of the best around in the fitness industry. Why? It’s because we all hold each other to some of the highest standards around, and nothing less will ever be expected.

Do you take pride in what you do everyday? Or are you just going through the motions and earning a paycheck? Think deep about why you are doing the things you are doing, and how you can put your best foot forward everyday.

Courage :  When challenges arise, courage prevents you from crumbling in the face of fear. Standing tough in the face of adversity , is how you learn to rise to the top. When you can perform under pressure, you learn how to make decisions under every situation, forging mental toughness and ethical strength.

Almost 4 years a go, I left the Marine Corps, to pursue a background in fitness, which was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I am glad I chose to face fear and live to my potential as I am happier than I have every been.

You can read more about my journey here ……

Commitment : Commitment  is the spirt of determination.  It helped me serve 10 years faithfully, and also helped me make it through the first few tough months as a personal trainer working floor hours for almost 10 weeks straight.  When you are fully committed to something, you can not half ass it, as it proves your desire, dedication and faithfulness.

Ask yourself this, how committed are you to the career you are in? Are you just in it for the money? Do you feel fully satisfied after the work you perform each day? These are just a few questions to start getting you to think in the right direction of commitment.

What I am currently reading for motivation?

The Way of the Seal

I drive a minimum of 6 hours a week in my car, and am always finding some way to keep my mind stimulated. One book that I am half way through with is The Way of The Seal, by Mark Divine . 

In the book, Mark shares his successful years as a Navy Seal Commander, and how you can use the same exact problem solving skills in everyday life.

In it, you will learn how to lead from the front and stand out in your industry. In order to be a leader, you must have vision, focus, and clarity for others to follow.  If you can demonstrate all three, others will follow.

How to attack multiple targets at once, while learning how to prioritize. The Navy Seals make it look as they are taking down multiple targets at once, but in reality Mark talks about how the Seals taught him to hone in on one target at a time with accuracy and quickness.  You must learn how to use your front-sight in order to get the job done, Instead of focusing on the large outcome, focus on what is right in front of you and things will begin to become clear.

You are 20 x’s more capable than you think you are.  Set your targets high, and do not let anyone tell otherwise.

I hope that you find this Monday’s Motivation useful and you can start applying these topics to your life.

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