Mobility Monday: Exercises To Help You Move and Feel Better, The Prone Sphinx

The mobility exercise of the week is a great one that has a killer name.  The Prone Sphinx.

                       Taken From Wikipedia

The Prone Sphinx has a lot of great benefits and can really help open up the upper back and help with shoulder and core stability.

Exercise Of The Week : The Prone Sphinx. Got this particular drill from Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore during their Hip and Shoulder Blueprint. 

How Does It Help?  It is an exercise that will really help open up that upper back. More specifically the thoracic spine which a lot of people need especially those that sit at a desk all day. In addition, the position forces better posture and makes those shoulders move the way they were meant to move.

If you have low back pain, it might be wise to be cleared of pain before you try this drill as it could cause the low back to flare up , Try not to rush through this exercise and keep in mind that drill is a lot harder than it looks.

Give The Prone Sphinx a try and let me know what you think!

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