The Lunge Variation You Should Do Every Morning

It’s Monday again, which means it is time to take on the world and be a superhero.

For many of us, that means taking on extra stresses of life and letting go of yourself to take care of others. While you can not stop life from coming at you head on, you can do simple things like this lunge to help you move and feel better and combat stressors associated with life.

Today’s drill is a Twisted Spider-Man Lunge. I got it from a yoga class I took a while back when I wanted to chill out at the end of a long week. This is a very tough drill to do, but if you take your time and let the drill work for you, your body will thank you.

Before you try the Twisted Spider-Man Lunge, check out the Yoga Plex. 

The Twisted Spider-Man works on mobility of the hips, ankles, upper back, and shoulders.

You can perform this drill for breaths to allow the body to open up, or perform rock backs in and out if you are not strong enough to hold the pose for breaths. Be warned, this is not as easy as it looks.  Give this drill a try every day over the next few weeks and let me know what you think. You might even notice a change in your posture and that your lifts will feel better too.

The Twisted Spider-Man Lunge 


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