The 2-Minute Mobility Drill That Instantly Improves Upper Body Strength

Something as simple as raising your hands overhead seems like an easy thing to do right?

Yet many adults lack the ability to raise their hands overhead yet alone reach for anything without pain. In fact, today’s population of adult men spend the majority of the day hunched over and looking down at their smartphones than ever before.

This often leads to poor posture and dysfunctions in the upper body, more specifically the thoracic spine. And that spells trouble for moves like pull-ups, chin-ups, overhead pressing, and many other upper body movements.

If you don’t have a good range of motion in your thoracic spine, your shoulders will take a beating. Over time this can limit your strength and lead to serious shoulder problems later on down the road.

However, performing this two-minute drill every day can make your shoulders feel a lot better while improving your strength due to increased range of motion.

It is called assisted  Quadruped Assisted T-Spine Extension Rotation and it improves upper back mobility and opens the upper chest. I really like this drill because a lot of people do the standard version and often compensate through the lower back. Using the band gives you some assistance without cranking on the lower back.

You can do this as a warmup, between exercises, and just every day to feel better.Try 1-minute per side.

I want to hear from you! Do you find this post useful? Comment below to let me know if you have done this drill before? 

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