The Method Behind Our Training Madness

How we create the ultimate training atmosphere

Today George had the opportunity to write for one of his mentor’s in the fitness industry Tony Gentilcore, on how the strength camps are ran at Cressey Sports Performance.

A lot of you have asked how we come up with all these exercises/routines, and this is a great post for you to take look into how we create the ultimate training atmosphere.



George specializes in group training and he loves it, which makes sense after spending 10 years as a Marine.  Group training has become the norm in the fitness industry, and people love a great training atmosphere . It is important to note that not all group training programs are the same .

We take pride in our coaching, which means a lot of times we don’t dig too deep into our exercise tool box The reason being  is that we ensure every exercise is coachable ,  which helps the client progress a lot further long the training timeline then jumping to cool exercises that just make you sweat.


Click to learn some cool exercises/programs and the method behind our training madness. 

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