How to utilize the performance pyramid to optimize strength


With the New Year beginning and working as a personal trainer at the Executive Health and Sports Center in Manchester, NH, I see a lot of crazy exercises that make me cringe.

While I commend everyone for trying to better themselves this year, it is very possible that the exercise you are choosing may be preventing you from getting those results you have always wanted, or even causing that nagging injury you have been complaining about.

In Grey Cook’s book Movement, he talks about stacking strength on dysfunction and how it is very possible for fit people to move poorly and unfit people to move very well. He does a great job of explaining this concept here.   Before you begin your next fitness program consider utilizing the performance pyramid to optimize your strength.

How you can optimize your strength program


Performance Pyramid taken from FMS

As you see to the right, the performance pyramid is a simple diagram that gives you a mental image and understanding of human movement and patterns. It is derived using three levels of diminishing size, with one building upon another.

From a training standpoint, it is important to be able to know where you stand in reference to movement, performance, and skill.  The first two pillars of the pyramid allow you to have an idea of how well you move and where it applies to overall athleticism. The top of the pyramid represents a sport specific skill.

While the performance pyramid is not a see all be all to strength and conditioning programming , each level of the pyramid should be considered to help optimize results and minimize injury.

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