Going After your goals part 1

Alright guys, here is the first part of a 7 part series of going after what you want and achieving your goals for the body you have always wanted.

On May6th, 1954 Roger Barrister was the first person to ever break the 4 minute mile. Before then, he had failed numerous amounts of times at the attempt. Many people even told him that a 4 minute mile was impossible. Yet, through determination and desire, he broke past the 4 minute barrier, and many people did so right after.  Roger Banister

This is the same type of determination that you can have in order to get the results you want!

Everyone has been on some type of journey where they did not get the results they wanted, or failed at something they have wanted to change for years. It is ok, because we have too! It is part of life. But what separates those who are successful from those who are not is called a little thing known as clarity and focus.

We know how it feels to fail at many things in life. Today, we want to help inspire you to change through emotions, leverage, and desire to become the healthiest person you can become. We want you to have the freedom to overcome the challenge of overeating, overcome the challenge of not going to the gym, and overcome the challenge of becoming a better person. It is not going to be easy, but we are committed to helping you!

So what is going to take to create everlasting change? What is it going to take to truly create the body you deserve for the rest of your life?

Want will not be enough, your focus must become a must! It starts with taking the changes you want, and making them a must!

Ever feel like nothing will ever work no matter how hard you try? Or things just never go the way you want them to even though you are giving it your all?

We all have been there, and we must work together to get out of that mindset and into a new mindset.

Willpower and strategy will not work, simply because you still have doubt deep down inside you.

We need to start changing limiting beliefs that will hold you back! limitingBelief

A lot of people say they are committed, but inside their gut they do not think they have it inside and create doubt! This is your biggest enemy!

You need to be in a position where you create certainty within yourself! Whatever it takes, that you can make it happen! Do not believe that the problem you have is permanent.

Look at something you use to believe you but you have managed to accomplish it. How good does that feel when you think of your success?

I bet it feels amazing, and you get all emotional just thinking about it!

You can do that with a lifestyle change too, but first you must raise your standards, and commit to a strategy!

Stop saying that you can not do it, and stop settling for less! If you keep doing the same things you have done, you will always get the same results! Insanity defined “ doing the same things you have been doing over and over while expecting different results” .

I do not know about you, but when something is not working, I do not want to keep on doing that same thing hoping it will change.  insanity



In the past, you have tried to make changes with will power and no plan; we have a plan that works! Commit to it and we will promise you results!

We do not want a change that last just months, we want a strategy and change that for the rest of your life! The body you deserve, and it is not done just through dieting or exercise alone, but rather changing the way you look, feel, and act on everything that affects your life.

We want to get you thinking about vitality in the body, and you shaping your healthy lifestyle! No more excuses! We cannot make the change for you, but we can help guide and coach you to the lifestyle you have always wanted.

People who have been successful have 6 fundamental skills in common that have helped them create success and lasting change, and we are going to share those with you in this group.

What drives our behavior as human beings is what we associate inside our heads, because we all want to avoid pain. Controversy, we all want to do things that make us feel good!

Some of you struggling with weight loss have looked to food for this method. Others have looked to smoking cigarettes or alcohol to make them feel better and to avoid the pain. Whatever it is you struggle with, all of us have developed strategies to get out of pain and get into pleasure. It is what we have been programmed to do!

But not anymore….

Change is not going to take one day, because you must realize that your brain has linked your body to creating pleasure and avoiding pain  by  going away from  a healthy lifestyle that has been preventing  from getting what you truly want and desire.

So our first step in creating a healthy lifestyle change is….

 Decide what you really want and what is preventing you from having it?

Whatever you focus on you move towards!  Repetition is the mother of skill! Reputation created the challenge and will create the solution.

How do you do it?

All you have to do is focus on where you want to go instead of what you fear.  Take that moment of faith, and trust yourself .    Nothing in life is perfect, but if you focus on what you want constantly, you get results. Focus on the good now because if you focus on what you want you will achieve it!

Obviously, if you are reading this article you want to better yourself! So you must decide what you really want!  I’m pretty sure that you want to look in that mirror and feel vital, free, and strong! You want to have pride when you are with your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend!

 In order to do so, you must define your target, and it must be compelling with a clear focus!

What is preventing you now? Your past strategy has required you to have pain! That is what we want you to have to be different!

So what do you really want? What do you want specifically to achieve through a healthy journey?  What do you want to create in life that will inspire you!

So the challenge is to make solutions into an absolute must!

We need to be able to stick to something once we decide on something! Making this change equals tons of pleasure! Remember this with passion and vitality! Nothing feels better than that!

Until next week, we want you to ask yourself the following questions and take action:

1)      Exactly what do you want out of life? Have you set goals to achieve that?

 2)      Do you have someone in your life who will keep you accountable to your goals?

 3)      Seriously consider whether or not your past goals have been too low and if so, how  you can stretch them and thus stretch yourself.   Also, be sure that they reflect exactly  what you want to achieve in life.

 Until part 2 next week,  take time to reflect and evaluate yourself. 


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