George Kalantzis

If you are someone who is struggling to find time balancing work, life, fitness, and eating well, it can feel impossible with only 24 hours in a day.

Maybe you run your own business and feel guilty about what you’re not doing, so your health takes a decline while you travel multiple days throughout the week only to leave yourself exhausted and having no energy.

Or, maybe you are a parent of three young children, answering emails on your iPad while watching soccer games and continuously trying to compete with life while you gain a few unwanted pounds.

Whatever reason you have for being here, that balance between work-life, and living a healthy lifestyle can be hard to manage. We all want to live longer and be healthy, yet we continue to put our health second while those challenges of life pile up.

And while it may seem like you can have it all, it’s just not so easy.

When you live in a 24/7 culture that is continuously turned on, work-life balance and living a healthy lifestyle is tough.

Trying to balance life is the most challenging thing you’ll ever do. But it doesn’t have to feel that way, and it’s time to start on the most critical decision you’ll ever make.

Hi, my name George Kalantzis, and whatever reason you have for being here, welcome!

I’m a Marine, writer, father, ice-cream connoisseur, dog lover, and high-performance coach.

My journey into health and fitness started when I was a junior in high school. What I thought was so posed to be the best years of my teenage life, quickly came crashing down in front of me when September 11, 2001 hit.

At that point, I had no intentions of joining the military and thought about college like any typical high school kid.  But deep inside I wanted to be part of something bigger, and that is when I decided to walk into a recruiter office and join the Marines.

I’ll never forget what the recruiter told me when I walked in “ son, you don’t just join the Marines, you become one. This is how warriors are made. “

Right then and there, I knew I was born to be a Marine.

Since then it’s been a compelling journey for me- from graduating boot camp, training at the FBI Academy, traveling the world to guard American Embassies, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, attaining my MBA, changing careers, coaching professional athletes, becoming a father, and much more.

I’m a firm believer that those who are willing to face their fears conquer the most demanding challenges of life.  At a young age, I got a taste for pushing my body to complete exhaustion and fought past it.  And those experiences made me realize that anything is possible when you live life with a purpose.

But, it hasn’t been easy.  A few years back, I married the woman of my dreams, bought a house, I switched careers, and we had a gorgeous little daughter.  Life got the best of me, and my health declined drastically.

I was going through the daily motions of life, and I was not myself. I even shut down the people closest to me.  This caused a divorce, and many other problems in all areas of life.

It was only till then did I realize I needed help.

I began investing in my health by hiring coaches and started to look at life through another lens. Instead of being overwhelmed by everything that was going on, I became appreciative and started living with gratitude. I thought if I am struggling to find this balance, there must be others, and that is why I want to help you.

Today, I’m happier, healthier, stronger, and my relationships are far better than ever before all because I changed the way I view life, and you can too!

If my career as a Marine taught me anything, it’s that fitness is a way to self-discovery.

We’re all struggling with the constant pressures of life, and while we would all like to be experts in many areas, it’s just not that simple.

In the end, life is nothing but a series of tradeoffs between work, experience, and health.

I want you to stop making excuses for yourself and start making a commitment to your life, and to do that, you’ll have to be honest with yourself.

If we have any hope of avoiding burnout, we need to find a plan that supports your lifestyle, because it’s time to create your own reality.

I’m committed to helping people find their purpose by unlocking the extraordinary, conquering their fears, and seeing the strength they never knew they had.

Because that seems way more relaxed than just working out.

If you’re still unclear as to what all of this means, let me clarify. This is my personal website, and you just got to know me a little bit more.  I write articles here on everything health and fitness related. I also provide online coaching and an online coaching academy for people who are looking for to transform their life.

You can read my formal bio and judge my credentials below.

The Professional Bio

George Kalantzis began his career as decorated Marine with over ten years of faithful service and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of his hard work has paid off in more ways then he could’ve imagined. He’s worked with everyone from professional athletes, celebrities, busy executives, and alongside some of the top strength coaches in the world.

Today he spends most of his time coaching people like you at Equinox in Boston, and outside of work with his gorgeous daughter.

In addition to coaching, he has been featured in many publications.

Please feel free to say hi over on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as he loves meeting and connecting with new people.

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