So you've taken the leap and decided you want to look lean and shredded. Congratulations- But maybe you aren't sure on how to lose that last bit of stubborn fat. Or maybe you are making a little bit of progress, but know it could be faster.

The truth is, the formula for fat loss is simple. But, training for fat loss is brutal. Fortunately for you, I've had much success over the past 10 years transforming my own body, as well as hundred of others get over the fat loss hurdle. This page will highlight fat loss resources to help you smash through that last bit of stubborn fat and keep it off.


Training for fat loss is brutal, but it is something I believe anyone can do. Yes, fat loss can take time, but you can easily drop fat with the right direction, and that’s why I am here.

It’s common to think that in order to lose fat, all you need to do is eat less, do more cardio,, lift harder and you’ll burn a ton of fat. I’ve seen it over and over again : you train hard, eat healthy, and wait for massive results only to find your hard earned muscle was stripped away and you hit a wall.

That’s why I’m an advocate for mastering the basics and finding a blend of styles that works best for you. There truly is no magic formula for fat loss success.

Ask anyone who has been shredded- it is brutal on the body and mind.

Sure, there might be a select group of people out there who get lean by just doing a few simple things, but that is a rare case.

The truth is, I’d rather see you drop fat over a period of time than burn fat fast, and crash later only to gain it all back. The key is to decide how you want to approach your new lifestyle and take steps everyday to make it a reality.

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