Blast Fat Fast With These 2 Workouts

Summer is approaching fast, and that means it is time to blast fat fast!

This week I have a bonus for you and two workouts that will be sure to rev up your metabolism.

I had the chance to write for Tony Gentilcore, a top influencer in the fitness industry on the topic of accelerated fat loss.  This article is a must read for anyone looking to blast fat fast!

Training For Fat Loss Sucks!

In fact, the cards are stacked against you and mainstream media keeps flooding you everyday promising you with six pack abs shortcuts and seven-day cleanses to only leave you frustrated and tired of results.

Check Out an Accelerated Fat Loss Circuit, but to see more you need to read this post!

Want to Burn More Calories? Try Loaded Carries For Fat Loss

When it comes to building muscle and burning calories, nothing beats farmers walks.Loaded carries are great for total body strength and creating a rock-solid core, and like to throw them at the end of my workout.

Check out my five favorite variations to use.

PS. I want to hear from you. Tell me if you currently use some of these methods to burn fat, or what type of things do you like to use?


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