Enhance your Golf Swing with Mobility

Text Book Swing

Text Book Swing..Shortly after I missed the ball 

It is that time of year again when the snow is melting and outdoor activities become a staple up here in NH. One of my favorite sports to play outside (even though I am horrible) has become golf.

I have come to realize that while golf may seem like one of the easiest sports to play, it requires a lot more than one would think. Golf  requires mobility, power,  strength, and mental discipline. Talk about a complex game.

This winter was harsh one, and most of us have been stuck inside slaving away and stiffening up those golf muscles. If you are looking to get back out on the course or driving range, try some of these mobility drills to loosen up your hips and Thoracic spine.

Golf Mobility Drills to Enhance Your  Swing 

To execute their swing correctly and prevent injury or strain, golfers must work on mobility. The force on the lower and middle spine during a golf swing can place extreme demands on the body.If the muscles around the hip are tight and not functioning properly, hip mobility will be limited—this will carry over to the mechanics of your swing.

Want to learn more? Check out my Article on STACK.COM 

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