Cravings Driving You Crazy, Check This Out!

My pregnancy cravings had me wanting ice cream and macaroni and cheese in the worst way. So what did I do about this? I ate a nice big bowl of Annie’s White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese and some Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookies. Wow, this does not sound like a healthy choice many would say right?

And the answer to this is yes, probably not the healthiest choice, but I was listening to my body and giving it what I wanted. Here is the thing, I do not eat like this every day, I am not scarfing down bowls of bowls of macaroni and cheese and ice cream on the regular. My body wanted it, so I indulged.


Mhmmm Mint Chocolate Cookie!

But here is where it was different than the typical indulge, I ate slowly, listened to my body, and stopped when I was not longer enjoying it. I think we all feel the pressure to finish what is in our bowl or on our plate, especially if it is a “cheat day,” however, that is not necessary. Nobody says you have to eat it all, you do not need to have the all or nothing mentality. If you are craving a cookie and after a few bites decide you are all set then just be done with it. Give your body the treat, do not deprive yourself. Being able to recognize when you have had enough and are no longer enjoying it is the key.

I think this is especially important as we move into the holiday season. There will be lots of cakes, cookies, and food in general, don’t leave yourself feeling guilty for eating a piece of pie or cookie, or grabbing that extra serving of those buttery mashed potatoes. Just remember, take slow, mindful bite, listen to your body, and when you are no longer enjoying it be done. There is nothing worse than that I need to take my pants off before they bust open feeling.

In my experience, when we deprive ourselves from the small treats that we really want we are more likely to have a massive indulge that leaves us feeling like crap. Listening to your body will prevent this and you will be much less likely to find yourself surrounded by empty cartons of cookies and ice cream. Balance is good!

Enjoy the holidays!

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