5 Challenges for New Dads That Will Test Your Manhood

Over the past year a lot has happened in my life. I often tell people that the Marine Corps was simple compared to fatherhood and life outside of the core.

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10 Leadership Principles That Great Coaches Possess

When I stepped inside Cressey Sports Performance, in the summer of 2013 for my internship, I remember the chills that ran down my spine.

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Crush 2017

It’s the end of the year and that means people are starting to think about what they accomplished in 2016 and where they would like their life to be in the coming year.

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Build Your Own Workout Even If You’re Insanely Busy

I’ve been using circuit training for years. Since my time in the Marines and just about every program I write, I include some variation of a circuit.

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Crush Your Week With Workout Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means….

Hopefully by now, you all know that full body density based training circuits work.They are fun, challenging, and produce quick results.

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3 Reasons Why You’ve Hit A Weight Loss Pleateau

Over the past three years,  I have seen many different cases of weight loss. From clients that were 200 lbs overweight to those that just wanted to loose that last bit of stubborn fat.

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9 Money Saving Tips for the Grocery Store

During a recent trip to the grocery store I was asked by the cashier if I had any coupons. I laughed aloud and said nope, they never have coupons for the real food, just the processed stuff.

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Resiliency : A Marine’s Point of View on What It Takes to Be a Good Fitness Coach

My name is George Kalantzis, and I coach at Cressey Sports Performance.

Why am I writing this?

This year marks my 5th anniversary leaving the Marine Corps and would like to share with you how resilience helped me get to where I am today.

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4 Deadlift Versions for Endurance Athletes

It’s that time of year again up here in New Hampshire where people start to  train outside. Endurance races have become quite popular in the past few years, and while practicing for a particular sport is key to success, most endurance athletes are quick to dismiss strength training because they are worried it will take away from their routine.

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ViPR Deadbug With Lateral Shift

As a coach at Cressey Sports Performance and a personal trainer at Equinox , I can not tell you how much I love dead bugs.  

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