Runners Knee : A safe approach to training

Last week I completed a half marathon. It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be and I had some knee troubles around mile 9.

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Why push-ups are great!

In the Marine Corps, there was nothing better than a solid push-up . While we did not test push-ups specifically as a unit, we did do them almost every day.

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Wonder Women and Heavy Lifting!

What do wonderwoman and heavy lifting have in common? 

Probably nothing, but it sounded like a pretty kick ass title!

It’s been a long time since I have written anything and the last few months were crazy for me as a coach. 

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Do this not that…The right way to a six pack!

After 10 years in the Marine Corps you would think that crunches would be my favorite exercise, right? Well after a few years of research and learning from some of the greatest fitness professionals in the world, I have come to find out that crunches are the enemy to developing a strong core and a sexy six-pack.

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Barbell HipThrusts- Killer Glutes

Today is our first installment of exercises that you should include in your routine.

By now, I am sure that most of you have heard about Barbell Hip Thrusts. 

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