5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting The Results You Want

If you are frustrated with your progress in the gym and still can’t figure out why you aren’t getting results despite all of your efforts, then you need to read 5 common mistakes that are killing your results.    1) Consistency Even the best workout plan won’t work if you are not consistent with your actions.   There are no quick fixes, and if you want results, you need to learn how to adopt a lifestyle that is consistent with what you want to achieve.
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Do Calories Even Matter? Discover The Truth About Eating

With all of the information out there today pertaining to nutrition and weight loss, it can be confusing to understand the truth about what a calorie really is. 

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5 Nutritional Strategies For Busy Dads

As fitness professional, saying that nutrition is one of the most important factors to a successful and healthy lifestyle is tough to admit.

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9 Money Saving Tips for the Grocery Store

During a recent trip to the grocery store I was asked by the cashier if I had any coupons. I laughed aloud and said nope, they never have coupons for the real food, just the processed stuff.

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3 Ways to Prevent Dad Bod

Are you a dad who has lost motivation and energy? Do you have Dad Bod?

If so, I understand the pain and here is my story…

The past 2 months of my life have taken me for a complete spin.

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Cravings Driving You Crazy, Check This Out!

My pregnancy cravings had me wanting ice cream and macaroni and cheese in the worst way. So what did I do about this?

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Does Your Breakfast Pack Enough Punch?

I guess you can say we are breakfast people. Our favorite thing to do on Sundays is to go out to breakfast.

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Try This Protein Packed Tasty Treat

I first tried these Hemp Force Power Balls at the Radiance Retreat in California! Prior to this I had never tried ONNIT products!

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Chicken Avocado Burgers

Now that summer weather is here, BBQ season has arrived. Each week we are going to provide you with a healthy, delicious, grill recipe.

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My Dessert Substitution: ChocoMaca Banana Almond Shake

In our house we are dessert people! We love cake, cupcakes, and most of all ice cream. If you follow SGT K Fitness on Instagram I am sure that you already know this!

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