Pack On Serious Muscle With This 30-Minute Fat Loss Circuit

This week I have a series of short fat loss circuits that will be sure to finish you.

I actually wrote a more in-depth article on fat loss on Tony Gentilcore’s website, and you can read that here. 

Fat Loss Circuits That Will Build MAssive Muscle and Burn Fat Fast

The following fat loss circuits are total body workouts that crush your abs, shoulders, butt, and back. Everything you need when crunched for time and want to shred some fat.

Grab a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, and a kettlebell, and get ready for a quick and challenging workout. Make sure you choose some lighter weights to start because this is going to challenge you in every aspect.

Should you want to pack on some muscle, you can adjust the weights to add some serious size.

Shoulder Shocker 

One of my favorite combinations that will leave your abs and shoulders screaming. Make sure to select your weight wisely as these bad boys catch up to you fast.

Dumbbell Farmers Carry:30 seconds
Renegade Rows:30 seconds
Alternate between these exercises for 6 minutes

Deadlift EMOM 

I first learned about this style of training in the Marines.  We created quick little workouts that had us perform heavier lifts within a certain time frame. It was the best of both worlds for fat loss and strength. 

These are very challenging. Pick a weight where you can complete 10 reps and get ready for a challenge. The first few rounds will feel easy, but after about round 3, you will begin to doubt yourself.

Barbell Deadlift: 6 deadlifts every minute for 6 minutes

Kettlebell Complex 

When it comes to fat loss, nothing beats a kettlebell. You can do everything with them and do not need a huge range of weights to get a great workout in.

In fact, for most people, a 12KG-24KG will be enough to get a great session in.  For this particular circuit, you will choose the same weight for all three exercises. Go through as many rounds as you can for 5 minutes.



If your main goal is fat loss, then these circuits will be sure to help. They require you to work hard and will get results fast.  If you want more circuits like these, check out my accelerated fat loss article. 

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