Technique Tuesday: Band Resisted Kettlebell Swings

Tuesday Meme

Happy Tuesday everyone, said no one I know……Hope you are off to a great start and enjoying  the warmer weather today, Spring might just be here! Although it might not be the weekend, we do have a cool exercise that will be sure to get your heart rate going . 

Band Resisted Kettlebell Swings (Video Will be back up soon)


Where did we see it?  I saw it a bit ago from Joe DeFranco and Shawna brought this to my attention last week.

What does it do? Well, besides looking like a total bad ass hang banging, when done right resisted kettlbell swings give your body a run for its moneyHeadbanging

We have found that resisted swings really force you to explode through and own the movement, meaning that it encourages you to forcefully finish through with the hips and squeeze the crap out of your glutes.  Talk about total glute and hamstring development. 

In order to maximize power and speed, try 3 -4 sets of 5-10 repetitions and really focus on finishing through the whole movement and locking out at the top. Technique is key when performing resisted kettlebell swings, so choose a weight wisely.

This is an advanced movement, and if you already have trouble with a regular swing, you would be better off honing in on your technique before attempting the resisted swing.  

Give this  a try and let us know what you think .


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