Workout Wednesday: Workouts That Will Burn Fat and Build Muscle

This week I am writing to you from the 30th floor of the Grand Hyatt in San Diego at the Fitness Business Summit 17.

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Mobility Monday: Exercises To Help You Move and Feel Better, The Prone Sphinx

The mobility exercise of the week is a great one that has a killer name.  The Prone Sphinx.

The Prone Sphinx has a lot of great benefits and can really help open up the upper back and help with shoulder and core stability.

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10-Minute Total Body Fat Loss Circuit

It’s the middle of the week, and some of you might be dragging due to the long work days and the stress associated with life.

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Mobility Monday : Exercises to Help You Move and Feel Better, Shin Box

It’s Monday again, and that means it is time for another installment of exercises that will help you move and feel better. 

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Tempo Training For Fat Loss And Endurance

Looking to bust past your plateau? Use tempo training to help build muscle and burn fat.

Tempo training does not get enough love.

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Mobility Monday : Exercises To Help You Move And Feel Better, Yoga Plex

It’s Monday, Wooohooo!

Yes, you read that correctly it is Monday and it is time to go back to work, and for lots of people that means being hunched over at a desk forcing bad postures.

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Why Kids Need To Be Kids: Importance of Multi-Sport Participation

As a father of a one year old daughter, I appreciate the concept of youth development.  As I watch her crawl, walk, and learn the new movements of life, it reminds of the importance of letting kids to just be kids.

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5 Nutritional Strategies For Busy Dads

As fitness professional, saying that nutrition is one of the most important factors to a successful and healthy lifestyle is tough to admit.

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5 Challenges for New Dads That Will Test Your Manhood

Over the past year a lot has happened in my life. I often tell people that the Marine Corps was simple compared to fatherhood and life outside of the core.

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10 Leadership Principles That Great Coaches Possess

When I stepped inside Cressey Sports Performance, in the summer of 2013 for my internship, I remember the chills that ran down my spine.

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