Tuesday Treats : Protein Pumpkin Pie

Since this Week is Thanksgiving, we wanted to share a cool little recipe that not only packs a nutritious punch, but tastes great too!

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7 Ways A Dog Can Teach You To Enjoy Life

From someone who has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan , I tend to appreciate smaller things in life like a nice hot shower and a warm bed.

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Strong Glutes lead to Power and Speed

Being that it is wedding season for myself and Miss Shawna Marie, I have decided to write an article on glute activation and strength.

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Monday Motivation :11/10/14

Today’s Monday Motivation represents a special post in my world. Every year on November 10th, Marines all around the globe celebrate the United States Marine Corps Birthday.

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Train Like a Marine

Since I have left the Marine Corps, I had a lot of people ask me what it was like to train in the Marines.

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Little Things in Life Matter

“Trust, earned and never given ”

It seems to me that year after year, and generation after generation, people tend to forget that the little things in life matter and make a huge difference.

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Runners Knee : A safe approach to training

Last week I completed a half marathon. It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be and I had some knee troubles around mile 9.

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Die Empty : How to inspire productivity

    At least 3 times a week  I drive a minimum of 2 hours to and from work. That is 6 hours a week and 24 hours a month.

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The Benefits of Deep Breathing

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of sitting in on some  Principles and Progressions of the Postural Restoration Institute  at Dynamic Strength and Conditioning.  

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Why push-ups are great!

In the Marine Corps, there was nothing better than a solid push-up . While we did not test push-ups specifically as a unit, we did do them almost every day.

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