Workout of the Week : Train Like a Marine

Alright guys this weeks workout is one of my favorites for complexes, and it requires a bit more of some knowledge around the gym and some endurance.  

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Monday Motivation: Positive Thinking

With so much negativity going on in the world it is easy to go to a place where negative thoughts control your mind.

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Healthy Chicken Meatballs

If you ask any of my friends they will tell you that the food I missed the most when I was a vegetarian was meatballs!

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Pack On Serious Muscle With This 30-Minute Fat Loss Circuit

This week I have a series of short fat loss circuits that will be sure to finish you.

I actually wrote a more in-depth article on fat loss on Tony Gentilcore’s website, and you can read that here. 

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5 Ways To Master The Pull Up

In the Marine Corps, we loved  pull ups. A pull up is a demonstration of upper body strength and endurance , and one of the toughest body weight excercises to master.  

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Monday Motivation : The Power of Now

Too many times do we caught up with work, outside distractions and many other things that make us think about everything except the present.

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Workout of the Week : Dumbbell Quickie

 By popular demand , we are going to give you a workout of the week every Wednesday. The great thing about this circuit is that it only requires one pair of dumbbells and pretty much anyone at any fitness level can complete the circuit.

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Monday Motivation: What is Your Motivation?

Happy Monday to all of you!

Today’s Monday motivation comes from a very special place in my heart. I have to warn you it’s about to get a little vulnerable in here.

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What I learned from Chad Wesley Smith On The Squat Part 2

Last week I wrote part 1 on some key takeaways from the Juggernaut Powerlifting Seminar in Boston, and this week, I wanted to share some pointers from Chad on the squat. 

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Monday Motivation 5 Tips to Becoming a Morning Person

It has been a while since we have written a Monday Motivation post, so what better way to kick it off then go into ways on how to become a a better morning person.

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