Monday Motivation : Are Blind Spots Holding you back?

In the past few weeks I have pushed my mental an physical limits to the max. From 50 hour work weeks with 2 jobs and message therapy school, to running 10 miles and hitting the iron.

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7 Ways You Can Have a Better Life TODAY!

I was recently asked by a friend of mine how I could possibly be so happy all the time. This question made me laugh.

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Why I Hate the Scale and What I do about it!

It’s no secret that I hate the scale. Whenever my clients ask how many times they should weigh themselves I cringe.

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Technique Tuesday : Reverse Crunch

It’s sunny out, and that means everyone has been flocking to the gym to try to mold those beach bodies.  We’ve had a few clients ask us for a killer ab exercise and while we are not one to simple work the ABS, we do like the reverse crunch.

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Workout of the Week : TRX Circuit

Hey guys, we hope you enjoyed last weeks workout as we got a lot of good compliments.  Over the past few days we have had lots of requests for a suspension trainer workout, so by popular demand we are bringing to you our 5 favorite exercises that just about anyone can do with a suspension trainer.

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Enhance your Golf Swing with Mobility

It is that time of year again when the snow is melting and outdoor activities become a staple up here in NH.

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Monday Motivation: The Nature of Hard Work

As some of you know, I recently visited California for quite possibly one of the most amazing weekends of my life.

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Workout of the Week: 12 Days of Christmas

This is one of my favorite workouts! I discovered it while I was checking out my Lift Weights Faster 2 Program and had a blast doing it.

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Technique Tuesday: Band Resisted Kettlebell Swings

Happy Tuesday everyone, said no one I know……Hope you are off to a great start and enjoying  the warmer weather today, Spring might just be here!

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Is There One Right Way To Meal Prep?

Prepping your meals in advance is a great way to ensure that you stay on track for the week.

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When most people think of meal prep they think about spending a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen, completing all meals in one day.

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