7 Ways A Dog Can Teach You To Enjoy Life

Boxer Puppy

Boxer Puppy

From someone who has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan , I tend to appreciate smaller things in life like a nice hot shower and a warm bed. One person that never ceases to amaze me, is my boxer Lola.

No matter what is going on in her life, she truly knows how to enjoy life the right way.Remember when you were a kid, it seemed as if life was filled with fun and excitement everywhere you went?  Lola’s world never seems to be dull or boring, and yours can too!

Here are 7 Ways a dog can teach you to enjoy life

1)Run, play, dance, or skip whenever you can : For those of you who have had me as an instructor in class, I am always trying to make my group laugh. Heck, I know I can’t dance, but its fun just to do the motion and to get a few laughs. Dogs do not need an excuse to run around and have fun. Next time you have a chance to do something small and silly, do it! You might be surprised as to how it makes you feel.

2) Don’t be afraid to take a step back and relax:  Research suggests that dogs sleep up to anywhere of 18 hours per day depending on their breed. I’m not telling you to sleep all day, but what I am suggesting is that the pressures of life can make it seem as there is not enough time in the day to get things done when you need them to be done.  Even worse, is that people often tend to forget about giving time to themselves to just unwind and relax.  Taking a few minutes out of your day to simply relax can be a great thing for your mind and body.


Boxer Sleeping

3) Get goofy and have fun : Life wouldn’t be complete without being goofy and  having a little bit of fun! Lola is one of the most Boxer energetic and goofy dogs I know. This ties in with number 1 rule, just let yourself loose once in a while and act goofy! Dogs are always willing to act silly for a chance of fun!

4) Wake up each day with enthusiasm and excitement : Have you ever known a dog who did not like going on walks? Dogs have the ability to appreciate each day like its their first and last.  We only have one life to live, and greeting every day with enthusiasm can make a huge difference in life experiences. If you feel your life getting stale, remember how a dog would act when you asked them to go outside and play fetch?

5)Take Care of yourself : With the way of today’s fast paced society, it can be easy to get wrapped up in life and forget to take care of yourself.  Dogs however, never seem to forget to take care of themselves. No matter what the task may be, they will always pause for a brief second to get drink of water, take  a stretch, or simply lie in the shade.  Next time you feel overwhelmed, take step back and take a few big deep breaths. It might help you realize that your life is just as important as the things going on around you.

6)Don’t hold a grudge : Don’t sweat the small stuff! In the Marine Corps, we were taught to prioritize and hold emotions back while learning how to control our energy. Mind, Body, Spirit was the approach.  In the end, holding a grudge does not get you anywhere in life. For me, this has been a hard one to come to terms with, as I grow older it gets easier each and everyday. Today, I am a  better man for it.  Dogs never hold grudges and either should we as human beings.

7) Don’t be afraid to show love : One of the best things about my boxer Lola is how she grets me every day at the door even if I have only been gone for 10 minutes.  This kind of happiness is often missing from most of us. Take some time out of each day to tell someone you love them and really show them you care.

Remember when things get crazy, ask yourself….How would a dog act?



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