5 Exercises To Build A Super Hero Back

I'm excited to write this blog post for you because it has been too long since I've written a post. Not to mention, training the back is one of my favorite body parts to train.

For guys, a massive back gives you head turns when you are on the beach, or wearing a tight t-shirt that leaves the ladies wondering what is underneath. Plus, who doesn't love having large traps and broader lats?

For ladies, having a toned and more defined back leads to looking great in cocktail dresses, and making the waist appear smaller to give you that hourglass figure.

In today's post, I hope to clear up some of that confusion and give you some of my favorite back exercises.

When prioritizing the back, it is important to hit your back from every angle to improve strength, size, and muscle density. In fact, you can train the back , and you'll see vast improvements in posture, strength, definition, and size. But, that could be an entire article in itself, so I'm going to give you my favorite exercises and workout to build a bigger, stronger, and more defined back.

Pull-Ups - A pull-up is the single most effective exercise you can do to build a stronger more defined back. It is a multi-joint exercise that works the entire body. As such, you'll pack on muscle and add definition to your back in no time.

The next time you try pull-ups, try performing a total of 40 reps in as little sets as possible. But don't just crank them out, hold at the top of each rep for a good two count, and make the muscle contract. It's not as easy as it seems, and feel free to add a band for assistance.

Barbell Bent-Over Row Underhand Grip - Just like the pull-up, performing barbell work is a great way to add some solid muscle and definition of the back muscles. An underhand grip works mid back more and gives you that tapered look. 

Wide Grip Seated Row - I love the wide grip seated row because it gets those lat muscles and gives you that V-shaped body. The key with this exercise is to focus on a contraction of the muscle and not bouncing the bar. Think of bringing your chest to the bar, rather than just pulling the bar to your chest.

Underhand Lat PullDowns-
While having a wide back is excellent, having longer/wider lats looks a heck of a lot better, especially on the beach. The underhand lat pulldown will help create the illusion of longer, thicker lats. You should feel a great burn right underneath the armpits.

1 Arm DB Row With Stretch- Single arm work is one of the most important things you can do to develop a great looking back. Unfortunately, many people forget about single arm work altogether. With this version, the  stretch allows you to get a greater range of motion to force more muscles to work. In the end, a stronger more defined back.

The Workout
The focus here is good quality reps, with no more rest than 90 seconds between sets. The lighter the weight, the shorter the rest.

Pull-ups- 40 in as little sets as possible. Rest as needed.

Barbell Underhand Row - 5 Sets- 10, 3x6, 1 x15

Wide Grip Seated Row -
4 Sets of 10, 1 Set of Max reps lighter weight

Underhand Lat Pulldowns-
3 sets of 10

1 Arm DB Row - 4 Sets of 15

There you have it, a killer back workout on building a V-Shaped body.

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