5 Challenges for New Dads That Will Test Your Manhood

Over the past year a lot has happened in my life. I often tell people that the Marine Corps was simple compared to fatherhood and life outside of the core. No matter how many books you seem to read or advice you ask for there are still so many unforeseen circumstances to fatherhood.

From trying to find a good sleep schedule, to workouts, and balancing life, becoming a dad takes a hit on your manhood. The following are what I considered to be the most difficult to deal with during the first year as a new dad.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Something that we as fathers will probably never get again, yet still need to hear. A consistent lack of sleep will have a huge influence on how well the body can function. From adding pounds of the mid section, a steady decline in muscle mass, higher amounts of stress, increased appetites, cravings, and earlier death, lack of sleep is your body’s natural killer.

None of this is a good thing if you plan on sticking around to see your kids grow.

I understand that as a new father things are hectic, and as we grow experienced more challenging problems arise like teenage daughters going out on dates, and teaching kids to drive, but if you don’t sleep life  your simple day-to-day activities will become a lot more challenging. Even worse, you could injure yourself like I did.

How many times did you check Facebook or your email before you went to bed? What about sports? Did you really need to stay up later to watch that TV show or that last bit of the game? While I do not want you to give up your daily activities as that is important for mental health, I want you to think about how you can create a better environment that will allow you to get on a better sleep schedule.

Not convinced yet?

Lack of sleep also raises a hormone in your body called cortisol ( the stress hormone). While a slight raise in cortisol can be a good thing as it is a normal response to fight or flight system our body has naturally created, when kept in an elevated state, the body begins to store fat, ages faster, and begins to break down in every way possible.

Just try going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each week and cutting out all the unnecessary  stuff and eventually after a few weeks you should develop better sleep patterns.

     2. Reduced Sex Drive 

I know things can be a little crazier right after the baby is born, but once everything evens back out, having sex once in a while is not healthy. Did you know that women actually want sex more than men? Think about this…When was the last time you surprised your wife or girlfriend with an adventurous night out and showed her how much of a man you are? Do you just roll right over and go to bed with your hot wife next to you?  That is not normal!

Becoming a father is tough, and when you are stressed out to the max, your sex drive might not just be right. And I get it, I was once there shortly after Melina was born, but you are a man and it is time to get your mojo back. And we are going to get it , but a lack of sex drive should not go on for a long period of time. You need to get you mojo back by lifting some weights, eating some good foods, and learning how to optimize your time better.

      3.  Depression

As a Marine, I thought being a father would be easy after all of the things I went through in 10 years. But, life hit me like a ton of bricks and depression happened. Many of my friends did not have kids and I had no one to talk to. It was rough learning how to balance all of these things at once. So before you go ahead and think that depression can not happen to you, it can. If you feel sad, frustrated and exhausted all of the time then you could be depressed and it is important to recognize that before something bad happens. Remember you are a father now and have to look forward to years of healthy to see your kid or kids grow healthy.

4. Stress

I’m sure you are already aware of the constant stressors associated with being a father, and while it may not ever change, it is important to note that stress is one of the leading causes of heart attacks. In addition, the divorce rate is greater than 50 percent and when things are stressful it can be tough to balance life and relationships.

But as a father myself, I want you to understand that you should never feel that down about life and that it does get better. Sure fatherhood is challenging, but you have someone that you will see grow into an awesome human being and someone who will love you for the rest of their life unconditionally. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

5. Time Management

As a father, figuring out time for yourself is probably one of the hardest things you will have to figure out. When you are stuck in a monontaeous routine, your mind and body will tell you it is not possible to find any more time in the day to workout or to eat healthy, but I am here to tell you that is all mental. You create your own reality so stop telling yourself excuses and do something for the longevity of your health and for the sake of your manhood.

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