4 Deadlift Versions for Endurance Athletes

It’s that time of year again up here in New Hampshire where people start to  train outside. Endurance races have become quite popular in the past few years, and while practicing for a particular sport is key to success, most endurance athletes are quick to dismiss strength training because they are worried it will take away from their routine.

Last year I trained for both endurance and strength while hitting my fastest mile ever at 6:33, and I could not have done it without the proper strength training/endurance training combination.

One of my favorite exercises that helped me stay strong while maintaining endurance was the deadlift.

The Deadlift is a compound movement that effectively targets the hamstrings, glutes and erectors. During endurance races, the body takes a beating, and the joints take a lot of impact on uneven surfaces. When an athlete incorporates a healthy and safe strength training routine into their programming, increased muscle mass leads to increased stability, which leads to better control of the body.

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