Do These 3 Exercises Everyday For Healthier Shoulders

As we dive further into the realm of technology, our daily activities are influencing our posture and how well we move. A hunched over posture leads to short pecs, weak upper back muscles,  and poor tissue quality throughout the upper body.

In fact, there has not been a day on the floor where I can not recall a client not complaining of some kind of shoulder pain.

Lately I have been using the following three exercises I learned from Tony Gentilcore by incorporating them in my warmups with clients and fillers in between sets to improve shoulder health.

3 Exercises You Need To Do For Healthier Shoulders

Supinated Band Pull Apart

The traditional band pull apart with palms facing down works scapular retraction and internal shoulder rotation. It is one of my favorite exercises to promote healthy shoulders.  Recently, I have been using the palms up version and have found that my clients’ shoulders are feeling a lot better.

When you do a band pull apart with palms facing up, the shoulder joint has a bit more room to move allowing more recruitment of the rotator cuff while promoting scapular stability.

Windshield Wipers

A great drill that works on posterior cuff strength, scapular movement, rotator cuff strength, and provides a slight stretch of the pecs. Most people will get an excessive range of motion through their low backs, so you will want to make sure you are driving the motion through your scapular. Make the number 11 with your arms and drive the movement through the elbows. Notice that there is not a ton of motion, so do not judge this movement by the range of motion.

Band Walks 

This is just a combination drill that really works on total body strength. More specifically band walks promote shoulder and trunk stability by teaching the body to move as a unit



If you are looking for a great upper body warmup prior to benching, try these three drills out to promote healthy shoulders.  Or, if you just want your shoulders to feel better give these drills a try everyday for the next few weeks and let me know what you think.

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