10 Exercises to Include in your warm-up

CSP Warmup One of the most important parts of a good program is the warm-up, and more often than not many people will either hop on a treadmill for 5 minutes and or skip the warm-up all together. Standing around holding a stretch for 30 seconds does nothing in terms of preparing your body for your workout to follow.

Optimally, a warm-up should increase your body temperature, improve joint lubrication, improve mobility, and groove proper movement patterns.

By taking your warm-up more seriously, you will not only start to feel better down the road, but your lifts will increase over time and that means progress all around!

This past week I had the chance to write for and share some warmup exercises for the upper and lower body.   If you are that person who has skipped warmups in the past or is currently skipping warmups, then you might want to try these out to help prevent injury and increase performance.

Here is something to think about when it comes to warming up the body…Would you just jump in your car in -30 degree weather and start it up without warming it up?

Try these warm-ups when you are strapped for time…..

Click here for your upper body warm-up

Click here for your lower body warm-up


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